Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais – beautiful wedding destinations in Portugal

Everyday, we receive many requests of couples, that would like to know more information about the portuguese wedding destinations, such as Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra.

So, here we would like to give you some more details about these beautiful locations that are really amazing for  holidays and also for doing destinations weddings in Portugal.

So, let’s start with Lisbon…

Lisbon, as the capital of Portugal, as several things to offer to the tourists… each day there is something new to discover and to do:

– the river, that invites everyone to do a boat cruise on the sunset;

– the traditional trams that invites to do a memorable visit to the typical neighborhoods of Lisbon;

–  the gastronomy and wines on the best portuguese restaurants, where is possible to have a great meal, while you are enjoying a show of fado;

– the stunning monuments, like:

* the castle of S. George, that offers great views to the downtown area of Lisbon and to Tagus river;

* the monastery of Jeronimos, along with all Belem area, that has several splendid monuments by the river, that represent the “Golden Age” of the portuguese discovers, is something that is really unique and extraordinary in Lisbon.

Cascais, is a costal town just 25 minutes driven from Lisbon. Is a real picturesque small town, that has so much to do…. If you love the beach, water sports, heritage, golf, having good seafood and night life, then go to Cascais and discover it… there are so much things, you will stay longer than expected 🙂

Sintra on the hills, also 25 minutes driven from Lisbon and 15 minutes driven from Cascais, it is the real fairytale place in Portugal!

If you go to Sintra, each corner will be special for you… take your camera and prepare for begin to take so many pictures, it will be really difficult to stop… because on a such small town, you will fall in love for everything that you will see… Go to the Mourish castle, enjoy the view that is outstanding; go a bit further and visit Pena Palace, that is one of the most beautiful examples of the Portuguese Romantic Architecture, where you can also have a view that you can just say: WOW!!!

Sintra, is definitely a great example, where heritage and nature is in perfect harmony… it is so beautiful that is also considered the most romantic place in Portugal!

Give a look to this website for checking more touristic details of Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra:

More than the words, we let you with some pictures of Cascais, Sintra and Lisbon!

From your PWP team:


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