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PWP | Portugal Wedding Planners organize Weddings for couples that live abroad and that would like to get married in Portugal. We are more than a brand, we are people serving people and serving emotions, dreams of a lifetime.

A wedding is much more than a normal event, it is the day, where you will celebrate your decision of being together and you will share your happiness with your closest family and friends, that will be flying or coming from all over the word to Portugal for being part of your day.

Each moment needs to be planned on detail, according to your preferences and personality and on the wedding day, everything needs to run smoothly. For having the best day of your life, as you always have dreamed of, then everything needs to be perfect.

So flowers, music, décor, food, ceremony and all the details need to be thought and coordinate in detail. With the assistance of a wedding planner, so you can relax and enjoy more of your engagement at your home country, because you know that someone professional will be organizing all the elements of your wedding in Portugal.

On the day, the wedding planner is the person that will be coordinating all the details of the wedding with the different suppliers, while you will be enjoying all moments with your guests.

Each wedding is a unique wedding, a unique story, it is your story, it is your moment and we respect and we will do our best for giving you the best day of your life.


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